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Samsung HD baby monitor

Written on August 22, 2016   By   in New

The Samsung SEW-3043W BrightView HD video baby monitor system provides users with a variety of excellent functions. As a high-end product, the SEW – 3043 w in horizontal and vertical direction of camera ability, can provide continuous 720 p resolution video, and night vision, two-way voice and sound warning function. In addition, the base station on a monitor set for this process is also very convenient.

And, of course, for some users, it seems to lack a number of functions, including the remote viewing and video video playback, but it also means that the product can provide higher safety performance, because users have to to use at home.

The second problem because of the product in the base station on the screen. As one of selling point, samsung is equipped with a touch screen for its manipulation of the interface, but they are slightly out of date, any one accustomed to the smartphone operating mode users will fatigue in use. The touch screen not only requires the user to take effort to press to have response on the screen, but also does not support swept gently and rolling operation. In addition, the button on the screen, rather than to one side. Touch screen for the entire user experience here played a bad role.

In addition, the product in general is very good, all aspects of the performance is stable, the price of $230 for such a performance is reasonable and reliable equipment.

News that Android N or join a fingerprint hand gestures

Written on August 4, 2016   By   in New

Will carry the Nexus of this year there is no doubt that the Android 7.0 system and outside media said, in the new system also features new fingerprint gesture, at the same time, Google also has carried on the redesign to virtual buttons.

This year Google in Android 7.0 new increase the function of fingerprint gestures, the decline in fingerprint identification module can exhale notification bar, convenient and quick look. Reasonable, but actually there is Chinese brand provides a similar function.

When it is worth mentioning in June this year Google news will change the Android 7.0 virtual buttons is designed, and from the perspective of the news of foreign media exposure, Android7.0 of virtual buttons from the original hollow change into a solid virtual buttons, button may also support the four-dimensional direction and home page.

Samsung to apply for the new logo

Written on July 7, 2016   By   in New

Currently, Samsung Samsung Pay mobile payment supports a very limited number of devices, though Samsung is a leading vendor of Android smartphone, but still have a lot of other brands of Android users wait for using mobile payment platform such as Android Pay more.

But the situation seems to be a change soon, we found that Samsung has recently applied for “Samsung Pay Mini” trademark, although looked from the name a little strange, but the basic can confirm that this is another version of the Samsung Pay services. And Samsung Pay Mini is probably Samsung to compatible with other Samsung does not support security magnetic transmission equipment, such as smart watches or to equipment.

And it is also likely to mean the future can also use the Samsung Samsung users Pay the Mini services, even miss apple iOS users can also use, of course, the premise is iOS users want. But now we only see the samsung application of trademark, don’t know the service specific launch time.

Apple’s new machine Headphones exposure

Written on June 30, 2016   By   in New

In yesterday’s news blackout iPhone 7 May adopt wireless headset, but today is a 180 degree turn, today have a netizen exposes the iPhone 7 EarPods headphones, due to the canceled a 3.5 mm headphone jack, so it followed the adjustment is also a must. Look from the exposure of the photos, the biggest difference between this headphones with cash is to use from the interface.

In addition to the interface of different, new headphones on other design, basic consistent with existing EarPods headphones. Before the news that apple may continue on the iPhone 7 standard existing EarPods headphones, random distribution a connector.

Specially the score double screen “Kindle”

Written on June 17, 2016   By   in New

Gvido is an electronic music, it USES the double E – Ink e-ink screen design, appears to be a cool Kindle, very suitable for like playing the piano.

Gvido is Japan Terrada Music company launched product, released earlier this month. It has two 13.3 -inch e-ink screens, with 8 gb ROM and supports the memory card extension, weighing about 650 grams, is only half of the MacBook Air. In addition, it supports the Wacom pen, you can easily to annotation of music, buttons on the right side of the fuselage can realize a quick flip.

There is no doubt that digital let Gvido like e-books, can store a lot of music, or even a use for several years. But from the point of view in the video, its running speed seems to be a little slow, if there are any caton phenomenon, may affect performance, this may be a potential problem. As for the price, the manufacturer has not released, considering the single E – 13.3 inch Ink equipment market price of about $800, it is expected to more expensive Gvido.

The Gvido has been used in the music industry conference earlier this month, but the specific launch time is pending.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice release

Written on June 7, 2016   By   in New

Samsung officially released new machine – Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice shell with rubber material, in order to ensure that use underwater, android three common virtual buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice all entities. In addition, the machine with a 5.1 inch screen, 2 k resolution pick up front – 5 million pixels + master 12 million megapixel camera.

Part of the processor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice the Snapdragon 820 processors, the part of memory is 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM combination, and there are 4000 mah large-capacity battery run support. At present, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Actice operator AT&T’s exclusive sales by the United States.

Surface Book was uncovered “dormant death”

Written on June 2, 2016   By   in New

Microsoft’s Surface, the Book is arguably one of the most expensive laptop on market at present, but for many users, it’s still will encounter the overheating of the fuselage and death “dormant” awkward, some users said that Surface Book will often appear in a dormant state the problem that crashed, and Microsoft to now also no problem.

According to Intersect360 Research Addison Snell reaction, he spent more than $4000 to buy a piece of Surface with the top of the Book, but after the encounter similar problem, Microsoft does not help him to solve this problem, also refused to upgrade for him.

Surface, the Book is a keyboard can remove the laptop, and Surface also published the Book is mixed flat Surface Pro 4. “Whenever system sleep a few hours or longer, can appear crash.” Snell said. “If sleep time more than one night, then the next morning would be a system crash phenomenon. And then I met almost every day Surface Book accidental crash, brought a lot of trouble to my work.”

After three months, not just the Snell, many from Reddit BBS users are reaction appeared this problem, and specifically the name for this bug, also called “dormant death”. At present, on the Microsoft’s official support BBS, already has more than 75000 users appeared this problem.

Now, whether Microsoft support customer service, remote assistance, email didn’t help users solve the problem. Not just the Surface, the Book, apple released at the first time last year the Pro 12.9 inches, a similar crash problem, while apple during the next system solved the problem in the update, and this time do not know when Microsoft will respond, after all, users spend so much money to buy Surface Book, if it is such an experience is definitely not a good thing.

The garmin pushing the new sports watch

Written on May 12, 2016   By   in New

Garmin latest sports watches can support many kinds of sports, can measure heart rate, also can give you the physiological index score, but the price of this watch is not cheap. The Forerunner 735 xt sport watches are ranked first in the sports watches garmin company, listed 920 xt second two years ago, the two watches sold for $450. Although the prices are a little bit, but the function also is very rich, it built the company Elevate heart rate monitor and Strava physiological index rating system. Through an App can also be measured heart-rate data compared with baseline data, this for amateur or professional athletes are very practical function.

This watch can connect the garmin Vector cycling power meter and Varia cycling radar, can make riding safer. It has 50 meters of waterproof functions, and can record the data when you swim. In addition, the watches can also record the outdoor across, cross-country skiing, aerobic exercise and mixed data, the new watch adopts the soft silicone case and color screen, can be used in training mode to 14 hours, use ordinary watch mode to standby for 11 days.

The watch can also be connected to the IQ garmin Connect store, downloadable App application and display interface theme. The user can also record the exercise, sleep and other statistical data and uploaded to the online community, can be friends and PK score, show off their achievements, or add more advanced game team. This watch can and mobile phone connection, control cell phones play music, receiving reminder from telephone, E-mail and social networking. Forerunner 735 xt watch with black ash and deep shallow blue two kinds of color is tie-in, currently sells for $450.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 photos exposure

Written on May 6, 2016   By   in New

Last week, Samsung two new wearable equipment Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX bluetooth headset photos online exposure, and now the official rendering for this two new products have appeared in the samsung website, the distance they are officially released now days are not far away.

First generation Gear Fit in two years ago and Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy S5 appearance at the same time, according to the previous message, according to a new generation of Gear Fit 2 will be equipped with high resolution Super AMOLED display, and also more accord with human body engineering design on curvature. At the same time, the Gear Fit 2 will also built-in GPS module, for the pursuit of high precision of fitness is a good news for users.

And the other a Gear IconX bluetooth headset can be used as independent music player, and built-in 4 gb of storage space, and support the movement tracking function.

Samsung Note 6 or to switch to USB – Type C

Written on May 3, 2016   By   in New

Now many smart phones are used the USB – Type C interface, but Samsung has been refused, even the Galaxy S7 series also continues to use Micro USB interface. However, this situation will change in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. According to the website SamMobile exclusive disclosure, Samsung will be used on the Galaxy Note 6 USB – Type C interface, and if support USB3.1 standard, so will lead to faster data transfer and charging.

Samsung, of course, to prepare the USB – Type C interface is the main reason, may be Samsung is developing the USB – Type C Gear VR virtual reality helmet. Said the company is developing an independent VR headsets, and prepare for this year’s SXSW exhibition on display. In addition, the current Samsung’s biggest Gear VR virtual reality helmet can only support a 5.7 -inch display, so Samsung for Galaxy Note 6 is equipped with a 5.8 -inch touch screen, you have greater flexibility in interface aspects, and the new USB – Type C interface can not only support the new Gear VR virtual reality helmet, but also bring new more selling points.

And at the same time of the new interface, Samsung also prepared on the Galaxy Note 6 upgrade again for cameras. According to Greek sites Android quoted Samsung internal engineer reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 prototypes are internal testing will for the first time with IR infrared focus technology, its main advantage is that help making performance, especially when night portrait, can present a better facial color, at the same time focus speed have increased enormously.

In addition, perhaps due to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge this year because of the more popular, so Samsung Galaxy Note 6 May also have a curved surface and plane two versions at the same time. As for the processor, in addition to the previously mentioned Snapdragon 823, also carrying Samsung home Exynos 8896 processor, and mainly for the Asian market.

It is understood that the development of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, code-named “Grace”, phone models for SM – N930X, will come with the official version of the Android operating system of N. As for the machine of the official launch time, according to south Korean media thebell disclosure, said Samsung will be officially launched in the middle of July this year Galaxy Note 6.