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Nokia’s flagship exposure machine parameters

Written on November 25, 2016   By   in New

Nokia will in the next year to return to the news of the smartphone, many consumers are looking forward to the “no follow” the Finnish mobile phone manufacturers can bring a desire to homogeneity serious Android, now of the nokia phone has also increasingly clear.

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It is understood that the machine will carry Snapdragon 820 processor, 5.2 inch or 5.2 inch QHD screen resolution and trademark certification of Carl Zeiss lenses, airframe adopt full metal building and join the waterproof design, the parameters for now is pretty good.

But in terms of processor, actually there is still a lot of variables. First if is released next year, nokia seems to have no reason not to use the upgrade version of the Snapdragon 821 but Snapdragon 820, and qualcomm shortly before low-key issued in the first half of next year’s flagship product Snapdragon 835, will use the samsung 10 nm process, just don’t know new function cannot afford such as nokia.

In addition it is important to note that even if to return to the smartphone market, nokia will not as before production itself, but rather with the method of brand licensing to other manufacturers, so to get maybe it won’t be so pure. As expected, the nokia phone might MWC 2017 exhibition on at the beginning of next year and try to guess what the nokia can bring surprise!

Huawei P9 / P9 Plus or officially listed in South Korea next month

Written on November 10, 2016   By   in New

According to local media reports, last Monday huawei South Korea branch has confirmed that huawei P9 and P9 Plus on October 23 and 30, respectively to obtain approval of the institute of South Korea radio, as on the market in South Korea.

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It is understood that huawei P9 / P9 Plus is scheduled for December through the local partners to launch with South Korea, two phones price is expected to 700000 won to 800000 won, or about 4100 yuan to 4100 yuan.

As a result of the samsung Note 7 delisting, South Korea’s high-end mobile phone market in a less strong competitors, huawei choice at this time into the Korean market, believe that will harvest to a good performance.

LG is headed open explosive mode

Written on October 25, 2016   By   in New

Recently for a period of time, it seems that the smartphone camera technology to much faster than the speed of the smartphone itself development, as for many smart phone manufacturers are on the camera up the idea, and dual cameras will become the choice of many manufacturers, such as apple, LG, etc.

But with the smartphone camera sensor size and number of increasing, many camera product adopted the design of the bulge, be higher than the whole body, and this leads to a camera wear chance to get bigger, and this also explains why apple iPhone 7 camera use sapphire glass. But the LG does not seem to have apple consider so considerate, so some users said their own V20 LG new flagship camera seems to be very weak.

According to Reddit of BBS, one user said his V20 in long time under the condition of flash, camera cover glass panel of crack problems, commit yourself and never fall or other human reason. Although it is not possible to verify that the users, but some users have expressed the same problem, so for other V20 users, have to be more careful.

According to the previous V20 disassembly process, the new flagship camera part of the cover is not a simple glass panel, but is a layer of special material, can filter ultraviolet and exist independently. So if camera parts damaged, replacement is not particularly big difficulty, so users don’t need to worry too much about the problems.

Asus launched ZenBook UX410 super

Written on October 8, 2016   By   in New

With Intel’s latest seventh generation processor Kaby Lake products has now started to appear in front of us, and asus has just launched the latest ZenBook UX410 super this is one of the most frivolous.

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It is understood that the ZenBook UX410 thickness is only 18.95 mm, weight is 1.6 kg, the thickness of only 17 mm a little bit more than the MacBook. At the same time, the ZenBook UX410 also USES 6 mm ultra narrow screen frame design, and equipped with a 14 inch screen, but due to the screen frame is very narrow, the volume of UX410 basically as a 13.3 -inch notebook.

The ZenBook UX410 there are two versions can choose, is UX410UA and UX410UQ respectively, and this difference mainly comes from the graphics card. The UX410UA don’t match the NVIDIA GeForce 940 mx discrete graphics, while UX410UA adopted Intel integrated graphics.

In addition, the ZenBook UX410 respectively provides Kaby Lake architecture Intel core i3 / i5 7200 u and 7100 i7 7500 u three different processor configuration, running at the same time respectively from 4 gb to 16 gb of memory 2133 MHz DDR4 RAM.

Storage capacity UX410 provided 500 gb and 128 gb / 1 TB hard disk / 256 gb / 512 gb SSD solid-state drives a variety of combinations, and provides a USB Type – C, a USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 and 1 HDMI interface, such as 802.11 ac wi-fi connection and support.

Exterior aspect, the ZenBook UX410 adopted full aluminium metal fuselage, and built-in SonicMaster technology, can bring a better quality output. Provides both the gray and rose gold color, and support the keyboard is backlit.

On the whole, the ZenBook UX410 most direct competitors should be well-known dell XPS13, but the latter does not provide a version of the NVIDIA graphics card. Asus has not released UX410 price at present, as for the future competitiveness, also depends on the price of asus.

Some Nexus 5 x upgrade Android 7.0 infinite restart

Written on September 23, 2016   By   in New

For a long time, the Nexus series of products by the broad masses of users is called “Google’s kiss the son,” the main reason is that it can be directly in the first time to receive updates from Google’s systems, but recently the special welfare caused by some accident.

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Google admits a small number of Nexus 5 x equipment after update the Android 7.0 update, the infinite restart, Google said it belongs to a hardware failure, through technical means to repair software level. So Google suggest that the problems of the user to select repairing or replacement directly.

Chromebook integrated fingerprint sensor

Written on September 7, 2016   By   in New

Over the past few years, according to the 9 to5google website Chrome OS has made considerable progress, added texture design, new features, the most important thing is that the Android support. Behind the scenes, Google also in slowly change the Chrome OS core function works. Recently added 9 to5google found Google PIN unlock function, it seems to be add another login for Chrome OS: fingerprint sensor.

Chrome Unboxed recently found in Chromium codebase new code shows that Google are actively trying to add a fingerprint sensor for Chrome OS support. This feature will appear in the code-named “Kevin” in the future this, although there is no evidence that this product will configure the fingerprint sensor.

9 to5google said, even so, the existing work can show the fingerprint sensor may appear in this in the future. In view of the fingerprint sensor in Android, iPhone, and the new Windows laptop (and MacBook) in popular, this configuration fingerprint sensor seems to be inevitable.

What’s the use of Chrome OS on the fingerprint sensor? The obvious answer is to unlock the device, but it may also be used to lock and unlock some applications or Settings. At present, there is no timetable for this configuration fingerprint sensor, but it’s only a matter of time.

iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with wireless AirPods headphones

Written on September 2, 2016   By   in New

Recently exposure iPhone 7 32 gb version of the packing box, iPhone 7 Plus carried a wireless headset called AirPods.

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Allegedly, AirPods adopt new design, no cable connect between ear and ear plugs. AirPods using apple’s 2013 acquisition of Passif semiconductor launched efficient bluetooth chip.

After leakage of information shows that the iPhone 7 interface EarPods comes with lightning. While other information sources, said apple will also be attached with lightning interface to 3.5 mm earphone interface converter.

Samsung HD baby monitor

Written on August 22, 2016   By   in New

The Samsung SEW-3043W BrightView HD video baby monitor system provides users with a variety of excellent functions. As a high-end product, the SEW – 3043 w in horizontal and vertical direction of camera ability, can provide continuous 720 p resolution video, and night vision, two-way voice and sound warning function. In addition, the base station on a monitor set for this process is also very convenient.

And, of course, for some users, it seems to lack a number of functions, including the remote viewing and video video playback, but it also means that the product can provide higher safety performance, because users have to to use at home.

The second problem because of the product in the base station on the screen. As one of selling point, samsung is equipped with a touch screen for its manipulation of the interface, but they are slightly out of date, any one accustomed to the smartphone operating mode users will fatigue in use. The touch screen not only requires the user to take effort to press to have response on the screen, but also does not support swept gently and rolling operation. In addition, the button on the screen, rather than to one side. Touch screen for the entire user experience here played a bad role.

In addition, the product in general is very good, all aspects of the performance is stable, the price of $230 for such a performance is reasonable and reliable equipment.

News that Android N or join a fingerprint hand gestures

Written on August 4, 2016   By   in New

Will carry the Nexus of this year there is no doubt that the Android 7.0 system and outside media said, in the new system also features new fingerprint gesture, at the same time, Google also has carried on the redesign to virtual buttons.

This year Google in Android 7.0 new increase the function of fingerprint gestures, the decline in fingerprint identification module can exhale notification bar, convenient and quick look. Reasonable, but actually there is Chinese brand provides a similar function.

When it is worth mentioning in June this year Google news will change the Android 7.0 virtual buttons is designed, and from the perspective of the news of foreign media exposure, Android7.0 of virtual buttons from the original hollow change into a solid virtual buttons, button may also support the four-dimensional direction and home page.

Samsung to apply for the new logo

Written on July 7, 2016   By   in New

Currently, Samsung Samsung Pay mobile payment supports a very limited number of devices, though Samsung is a leading vendor of Android smartphone, but still have a lot of other brands of Android users wait for using mobile payment platform such as Android Pay more.

But the situation seems to be a change soon, we found that Samsung has recently applied for “Samsung Pay Mini” trademark, although looked from the name a little strange, but the basic can confirm that this is another version of the Samsung Pay services. And Samsung Pay Mini is probably Samsung to compatible with other Samsung does not support security magnetic transmission equipment, such as smart watches or to equipment.

And it is also likely to mean the future can also use the Samsung Samsung users Pay the Mini services, even miss apple iOS users can also use, of course, the premise is iOS users want. But now we only see the samsung application of trademark, don’t know the service specific launch time.